chrisdolley (chrisdolley) wrote,

The Great St. Vivien's Day Snippet Hunt Answers

Yes, it's St. Larissa's Eve - the traditional day to announce the answers to the St. Vivien's Day snippet hunt. (okay so I live in a fantasy world...)

Here are the clues again.

Red:Think Julie Andrews, think the Hills are Alive. So, if a doe is a deer. What is me?

Let's all sing this together - me, a name I call myself.

Pink is initially Chinese high energy zeppelins

Think initials and you get C H E Z

Blue is someone who went 'Into the Looking Glass' a long time before John Ringo.


Green is the y of the first review (where y is like the third world but less - by about 1.76 pints I'd say)

'Third world' less a litre (1.76 pints). It's cryptic, so think abbreviations of litre and you get the letter 'L' which when subtracted from 'third world' gives you 'third word'

Violet is the nth word of the third review (where n = the atomic number of arsenic divided by the number of flags)

33/3 = 11

Which gives the following url:
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