chrisdolley (chrisdolley) wrote,

Lambing goes high tech

Less than two weeks to go before lambing starts and we have come up with a cunning plan - surveillance cameras. We've been looking into this for the last two years but the expense put us off. Then last week we saw an advert for a baby camera and monitor for under 50 euros.

We bought it and it appears to work brilliantly. We set the camera up by the door of the lambing pen and it beams sheepy pictures to the monitor by our bed. It's even got night vision.

So, hopefully, no more disturbed nights with the shepherdess getting up every two hours to plod across a freezing courtyard to check on the ewes. Now she can watch the pens without having to get out of bed. Luxury.

And the sheep get to appear on TV so everyone's happy.
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