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Save the Dragons, Save the Pets - Chris Dolley's Journal

About Save the Dragons, Save the Pets

Previous Entry Save the Dragons, Save the Pets Sep. 5th, 2009 @ 10:00 am Next Entry
For those who haven't heard, Dave Freer needs help. Because of deteriorating conditions, he and his family will be emigrating from South Africa to Australia. A family that includes 4 dogs and 4 cats, all of whom will be need airfare and quarantine. Because of sinking exchange rates the money saved up is no longer enough and he's come up with a plan...

The idea is simple and borrowed from Scheherazade and her companions of ages past: I tell you all a story and at critical moments I pass the hat around. When you've given me enough money I continue.

In fact I'm modifying this slightly - the idea is to put up a chapter a week of my latest book "Save the Dragons" assuming that I've received enough donations (the thermometers at the left tells you where we are). The book has 25 chapters plus an epilog. You get the first one free and then I collect $400 (US) per chapter (and per week).

If and when the book is published anyone who contributes more (in total) than $25 will get a personalized signed copy in Hardback posted to them (or if it doesn’t ever come out in hardback -all but my first book have done -- in the next most expensive format). And no matter what all the money raised goes to keeping the Freer furry animals together with their servants--that would be us--as we head off in search of a new life.

So far Dave has raised over $4,000. So if you like comic fantasy - and you can read the first two chapters free to find out if you do - go along to here and take a look.
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